Professional Services

MIP will perform the following services:

  • Survey and identify major and minor risk exposures.
  • Recommend class of insurance to cover major risk exposures and self funding system for minor risk exposures and provides risk management assistance.
  • Recommned reputable Insurance Company or Companies to carry your risk and negotiate (on your behalf) with them to obtain widest cover at the most competitive economical cost.
  • Assist you in respect of claims, from reporting, negotiating until settlement.
  • Obtain policy documents from Insurance Company or Companies which will be forwarded to your attention, after having checked its correctness.
  • Maintain files of your insurances and claims and send summary or summaries reflecting its current status in a periodical basis or anytime as required.
  • Keep you informed of any changes of insurance regulaitons or new issues of it.
  • Train your staff or transfer insurance knowledge to your staff as required.

By appointing MIP as your Insurance Broker, we will take over your burden of doing all those exercises mentioned above, which will give you more time to concentrate on growing / expanding your business.