MIP Strategy

MIP is a well established and professional Insurance Broker and Consultant Company, knowledgeable and experienced in recommending insurance and advising clients about terms and conditions within insurance policies.

Nowadays, the needs for Insurance coverage of an Individual, Company, Industry or Corporate have become higher and higher, but there still exists some gaps of Insurance knowledge between the Insured and Insurance Company.

Because of that, Institutions that can bridge the gap of insurance knowledge are needed and that can only be provided by an insurance broker company.

According to the law of The Republic of Indonesia No.2 in 1992 regarding the insurance business, an Insurance Broker Company is a company which operates in providing an intermeidary service for insurance coverage and claim handling on behalf of the Insured.

By appointing an Insurance broker, all of your insurance matters will be taken over and handled by the company which has expertise on insurance related matters. As there are a lot of insurance broker companies, you should choose them carefully.

An Insurance broker company is a servrce company; so that experts and expereinced human resources In the insurance broker company is an important factor in choosing the right company.

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